Coulter Company

Client ︎︎︎  Coulter Company, Coppermine
Art Directors ︎︎︎  Cat Thoreson, Julie Gochar
Year ︎︎︎  2022
Type ︎︎︎  Branding, Logo Design
Media ︎︎︎  Digital

Coulter Company is a marketing agency who is dedicated to their client’s immediate and long-term success. Their Growth by Design model needed to be reflected in a unique but inconspicuous logo. The logo was crafted with the Head Designer and Directors of Marketing and Media at Coulter Company. As Head Designer at Coulter, I took the reins on this project to develop a logo that would work alongside a client's existing branding while retaining its distinct character. I also created brand guidelines for future use of the logo. Marketing Directors Cat Thoreson and Julie Gochar served as consults and critics throughout the project.