Making to Transgress Vol. 2

Professor ︎︎︎  Elaine Lopez
Advisor ︎︎︎  Akshita Chandra
Year ︎︎︎  2020
Type ︎︎︎  Illustration, Publication
Media ︎︎︎  Print

This collaborative, four-book publication contains responses to four notable literary works on transgressive teaching and topics of race. The designs range in style from typographic, illustrative, and photographic work.

Besides co-designing the covers, my work in this project includes one response in each mini-book that corresponds to one of the following: Teaching to Transgress by bell hooks, How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell, Listening to Non-Western Perspectives by Sohail Inayatullah, and Nothing Personal by James Baldwin. With each reading, I rated each of the characteristics out of five and used the resulting numbers to decide the amount of stamping for each piece. On top, I overlaid illustrations that evoked the emotional response I experienced from each text and the corresponding title.

Collaborators ︎︎︎ Ana Tobin, Bang An, Ben Becker, Jeremy Greene, Junyi Zhu, Kitty Liu, Matt Holben, Meredith Zerby, Sabrina Ukura, Sami Moya Medina, Shoshana Schultz and Victoria Escobar