Tierra: Earth Museum

Professor ︎︎︎  Minsun O
Year ︎︎︎  2021
Type ︎︎︎  Branding
Media ︎︎︎  Digital, Print, Web

I created this project with the direction of Minsun O and my cohort of the Graphic Design BFA program at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Tierra: Earth Museum is a hypothetical museum that will allow visitors to reconnect with the community in which they live through experiential, tactile, and informative exhibitions. The museum’s primary focus is to encourage a deeper understanding of the environment and people that live in this environment. It covers a large scope of subjects that are represented by colors: Orange for Geology, Aqua for Flora and Fauna, Yellow for First Peoples, Pink for Art and Culture, and Blue for Community. These colors help establish the colorful mood of the brand and are seen across a variety of digital, print, and web deliverables.