Plantas de Curación

Professors ︎︎︎  Isaac Gertmann, Jason Gottlieb
Year ︎︎︎  2021
Type ︎︎︎  Illustration, Publication
Media ︎︎︎  Print

Plantas de Curación is a Graphic Design BFA Thesis Project that uplifts anecdotal beliefs of medicinal uses for flora. It focuses on practices from Mexico, my father’s homeland, and Puerto Rico where my mother is from. I collected information from a combination of sources including my family’s verbal recollection and practical use, my memories, and research from various online and analog sources. The following book is in both English and Spanish and includes several diagrams to support the text. I want to document this knowledge and establish its importance as a living resource that illuminates the influence of shared knowledge and heritage.

The completion of this 138 page book was made possible with the enthusiastic direction of Isaac Gertmann and Jason Gottlieb through the Maryland Institute College of Art Graphic Design Program.